Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe, but we are already facing our third Sunday of the New year!  Thus far, the weather has been less than desirable (cold, snow, and ice).  As a result, our numbers have been down.  Yet, in spite of the weather, we have had some wonderful services with several important decisions being made for Christ!

We had our first deacon’s meeting on Sat. Jan 6, 2018.  Most of our time was spent that morning planning our budget for 2018 and discussing our vision for the upcoming year.  Last year our spending was considerably under budget, and yet our income failed to meet expenses by over $10,000.  Rather that cut the budget and plan for our church to do less in the coming year, we all agreed that we should plan big and better things this coming year.  Our budget will be similar to last years, and will be re-evaluated in a few months. 

Our church slogan for the year is “Everyone Bring One!”  We want to encourage everyone in our church to pray and work toward bringing at least one new person to our church this year.  Our desire is to saturate this community with the gospel of Jesus Christ by every available means, to every available person, at every available time!  We have adopted the following threefold mission statement for our church:

 Magnifying Jesus through worship and the word.

Moving believers in Jesus toward maturity and ministry.

Making Jesus known to our neighbors and nations.

Let’s all get busy bringing people to Jesus!  I pray that 2018 will be an amazing year for Liberty Baptist Church and the kingdom of God!  Let’s all do our part!


In Christ,

Pastor Caldwell

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